The 40th Asian Racing Conference (ARC) will be held in Sapporo from August 27 to September 1, 2024.

The first ARC was convened in Tokyo in 1960 on the initiative of Japan. The country has since hosted three more ARCs, with the last ARC convened in 2008, more than 16 years ago. Today, the ARC has evolved to be a major racing event in the international racing calendar. Attracting and engaging the foremost leaders and greatest minds in racing and sports, along with other influential stakeholders, the ARC shapes global and regional agendas to continuously advance the racing industry.

The Asian Racing Federation (ARF) and the Japan Racing Association (JRA) warmly welcome you to the 40th Asian Racing Conference.

About Sapporo

Sapporo is the largest city in Hokkaido, Japan, with many historical buildings that speak of its rich history and homes and buildings interspersed with nature that spreads out to the suburbs. This harmonious balance between the city and nature is one of Sapporo’s most attractive characteristics.

The ARC will be held in the summer, when the average summer temperature in Sapporo will be around 21°C, with low humidity.

Horses and horse culture have been prevalent in Hokkaido since its early beginnings, when they were used for farming and horse carriages, and form an integral part of the prefecture’s history. Approximately 97.8% of Japanese thoroughbreds, which have been active on the world stage in recent years, are born in Hokkaido.

The Sapporo Racecourse was refurbished in July 2014 and is widely known as a summer resort that many travelers to Hokkaido visit.

About Confernce Venue

The Conference venue, Sapporo Convention Center, is a Meeting Incentive Travel Convention Exhibition (MICE) facility supported by the city of Sapporo, which is actively engaged in attracting and hosting international events, exhibitions, and corporate conferences.

Its facilities include a main hall that can accommodate up to 2,500 guests, four halls of different sizes and 15 conference rooms.